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We've received this information from Kathy Green of the Oklahoma Tax Commission.

In reference to the Gold Star Parent Specialty License Plate, there is not a specific application for this license plate.

Due to the fact these plates are only available to the parents of the service persons killed in action actual documentation is required before the plate may be issued. (See information below.) Parents are limited to (2) plates per year and the fee is $14.00 in lieu of the regular registration fees that you would normally pay on the vehicle.

Since these tags are in lieu of your regular tag you may wait until the vehicle registration is going to expire as the expiration date for the new tag will remain the same as the previous registration. In addition to the required fees a current insurance verification form for the vehicle in which the tag will be displayed will be needed. If the complete vehicle identification number is not listed on your insurance form please provide the information and/or your previous tag number.

Below is a list of documents that you may supply that will provide verification that we can issue the Gold Star Parent Specialty License Plate:

A letter requesting the tag mailed to this office with the following documentation. A letter of confirmation from the Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs, OR deceased veteran's DD Form 214 (if the form does not reflect service person's death, a copy of the death certificate will need to be included) and birth certificate confirming applicant's relation OR Gold Star Parent membership identification card.

Should you have any further questions please feel free to contact me.

Kathy Green, Supervisor
Special Tag Section
Motor Vehicle Division
Oklahoma Tax Commission
2501 North Lincoln Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73194

With regard to the Oklahoma Gold Star Survivors license plate:

Below is the section of the Okalahoma State Statutes that pertain to the Gold Star Survivor License Plate:

At this time we are working on the language that will be used on the Webb Site.

39. Gold Star Survivor License Plates - such plates shall be designed to honor the surviving spouses of qualified veterans. As used in this paragraph, "qualified veteran" shall mean:

a. any person honorably discharged from any branch of the United States Armed Forces or as a member of the Oklahoma National Guard, who died as a direct result of the performance of duties for any branch of the United States Armed Forces or Oklahoma National Guard while on active military duty, or

b. any person honorably discharged from any branch of the United States Armed Forces or as a member of the Oklahoma National Guard, who died as a result of injury, illness or disease caused by the performance of such duties while on active duty, whether the death occurred while on active duty or after the honorable discharge of such person;

Should you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact the Motor Vehicle Division, Accounting Section at (in state toll free telephone) 1-800-522-8165 extension 1-3659, or (direct telephone number) 405/522-0093, or via email at

Kathy Green, Supervisor
Mail Out / Special Tag Sections
Motor Vehicle Division
Oklahoma Tax Commission

South Carolina

You will need DD-204 DoD, Death Certificate; DD-2064 DoD, Certificate of Death (Overseas) or DD-1300 DoD, Report of Casualty to prove your relationship to the deceased.

The application does not yet show the GSF plate in the directions. Fill in Gold Star Family plate for the type of plate.


On your Computer, go to This is the website for Office of Motor Vehicles. Under Vehicle Services, click on Special Plates. Read the instruction page then click on Continue.

Enter the current license plate number of the plate you are going to replace with the Gold Star Family plate.

This will bring you to a new screen. You will see a drop down menu of specialized plates. Select Gold Star Family (it may read Gold Star License). The fee for the INITIAL PURCHASE of this license plate will be shown. IMPORTANT: This fee reflects the residual value left in your old license plate, so when you go to renew the Gold Star Family Plate, it will be more than is shown in this initial purchase price. How long the plate is good for is also displayed at this time in # of Years.


When you click on ordering details, the next screen should give you the Special Form that you will need to complete regarding the death of your Serviceperson. Please print it out, fill it out and bring it with you when you apply for your plate.

You will then be given the address of the HQ OMV Special Plate Office, on Public Safety Blvd (off Independence Blvd) in Baton Rouge, at which you will initially have to apply for the GSF Plate. These plates will eventually be able to be obtained in the field offices of OMV, but for now, you will have to come to BR to apply.

What to Bring When You Come To Apply at the OMV HQ Office IN BATON ROUGE:

1. The Special Application Form described above that you are shown when you click on Ordering Details. Please fill out completely and print legibly.

2. Certificate of Death issued by the Commanding Officer or competent medical authority of the unit where your Serviceperson was stationed.

3. Proof of Vehicle Registration and Insurance for the vehicle on which the GSF plate will be displayed.


Mr. McCullough of OMV has been kind enough to provide two special numbers to contact their office for more information or guidance:

(877) 368-5463 (Toll Free) or (225) 925-6371 (Local BR)


We received this information from Danielle Hughes of the MVLB.

The mother and unmarried spouse can sign the "Affidavit for Ad Valorem Exemption for Gold Star Tag" to get the exemption for Ad Valorem Tax. If the mother or unmarried spouse wants to fill out this affidavit, they will be required to show some sort of proof showing that they are the mother or unremarried spouse. People wanting this tag will also have to show documentation from the Department of Defense (DD Form 1300, Report of Casualty - ed) showing that he was killed in action.

Danielle Hughes, Auditor
Motor Vehicle Licensing Bureau


Provide the following documents to the county's Department of Motor Vehicle:

  • Last issued Hawaii registration.
  • Copy of DD Form 1300 indicating: (a) Servicemember died in the country of armed hostilities - Block "3(e)" (e.g., currently Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, etc.); (b) immediate family members in Block #7.

    If immediate family member is not listed in Block #7 of DD Form 1300: (a) documentation (birth certificate, etc.) indicating next of kin qualification (mother, father, stepmother/father, mother/father through adoption, foster parents who stood in loco parentis, children, brother, sister, half brother/sister, stepchildren, children through adoption, grandmother/father; OR (b) letter from the Casualty Affairs Center, State Office of Veteran Services, or Veterans Administration, or Department of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, or Air Force indicating that the applicant is eligible to receive the Gold Star Lapel button.
  • Application form CS-L(MVR) 192 - check "Gold Star Family," check "Passenger Motor Vehicle," indicate current license plate number that the GS plates will replace; and date, print name, and sign form.
  • Complete an Application for Duplicate Certificate of Registration (found at and submit check payable to the county's DMV for $5.50.
  • Ensure that the vehicle is currently registered, has a current safety inspection and will not expire in the next two months. If the vehicle will expire in the next two months, renew your vehicle, then complete the above.
  • If the safety inspection expiration date on the current certificate of registration that is in the vehicle is expired, then submit the goldenrod copy of the safety inspection form that indicates that the safety inspection is current.

Families who qualify for the Hawaii Gold Star Family license plates may contact Rep. K. Mark Takai for assistance. Takai can be contacted at 808-586-8455 or at