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The NEB was treated to a huge blizzard during the February board meeting in DC and I am not talking Dairy Queen. Twenty two inches of the white stuff fell which caused us to have to dig out three cars from the rock hard snow concrete that was unceremoniously piled up by the plows. The problem with living in the city is there is ABSOLUTELY NO place to put the stuff once it is on the ground. The neighbors were great helping with snow blowers and salt but it was a huge volume of fluff to pack into the space in back of the Headquarters building next to the trash containers. Anyone who has been there-- just image three walls pitched higher than most of the mothers are tall.

While I want you all to feel sorry for us, if the real truth be told - we all had a blast. It was the Marine Moms vs. the Army Moms in a snowball fight that only lasted a few minutes until Snow Angels took over our imagination. It was a meeting to remember because we actually accomplished a lot including a Legislative workshop conducted by Rick Weidman and Don Overton. Most of the mothers had pre-scheduled meeting with their Senators and Congressmen. Some got to meet while other had a snow cancellation. We got out of "Dodge" literally by the skin of our teeth since a second whammy came into DC the afternoon of our departure. Shuttle services were being cancelled right and left so getting to the airport was a bit of a challenge in the early morning hours. Next year we hope to call the meeting in Key West for February.

Editor's note: Most of the moms got out of town on Tuesday, Feb 9th. On Wednesday another storm dropped even more snow on DC. No one dares to go back to see what happened.

The view up and down our street from the Headquarters entrance.

Our Garden.

Still beautiful.

Peggy searches for her car.

A roving band of GS moms terrorizes Leroy street.

Snow Angels in the middle of Leroy street.

All dressed up and heading to Capital Hill to speak to their Congressperson.

Tour Headquarters