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The 2005 Veterans Day events took place on Thursday, Nov 10 through Sunday Nov 13.

Here are some pictures from this year's activities as American Gold Star Mothers remember their loved ones and honored all those who have served in our nation's armed forces.

DistinguishedMarinesStampCeremony_MarineBand_1883.JPG (81291 bytes)

The Marine Band performs at the Distinguished Marine Stamp Dedication Ceremony, Marine Barracks, Washington DC.


DistinguishedMarinesStampCeremony_Stamps_1896.JPG (36077 bytes)

Gen. Michael W. Hagee, Commandant US Marine Corps and Postmaster General John E. Potter unveil 4 stamps of Distinguished Marines. The four Distinguished Marines are:

Gunnery Sergeant John Basilone. Awarded the Medal of Honor during WWII. Killed during a shelling attack at Iwo Jima.

Sergeant Major Daniel Joseph Daly. He received the Medal of Honor twice, once during the Boxer Rebellion in 1900 and the second time in 1915.

Lt Gen. John A. Lejeune. The North Carolina Marine base bears his name.

Lt Gen. Lewis B. "Chesty" Puller. A famous Marine commander during WWII and Korea. The Marine's bulldog mascot is always named "Chesty" for this nation's hero who never minced his words. "We're surrounded", he said in battle. "That simplifies the problem."


DistinguishedMarinesStampCeremony_Chesty_1885.JPG (46076 bytes)

Chesty struts his stuff.


MarinesStampCeremony_Group_3851.jpg (46607 bytes)

Gen. Michael W. Hagee and some of the moms.


MarinesStampCeremony_Judith_3884.jpg (39849 bytes)

AGSM President Judith Young and Gen. Hagee.


MarinesStampCeremony_Ruth_3839.jpg (27650 bytes)

Ruth Stonesifer gets her first day cover signed by Gen. Hagee.


AaronTippinAndRAS_1918.JPG (16906 bytes)

Ruth get a picture with Aaron Tippin, country music star.


RuthS_JudithY_BettyP_1917.JPG (24903 bytes)

Ruth Stonesifer, Judith Young and Betty Pulliam.


WWIIMemorial_1902.JPG (24443 bytes)

Some of the moms at the Gold Star Wall of the WWII Memorial. Each of the 4000 gold stars represent 100 US casualties.


WWIIMemorial_1911.JPG (51599 bytes)

Preparing to lay a wreath at the WWII Memorial.


BannerGuardGetsReady_1923.JPG (43924 bytes)

Flag and Banner Guards June Valdivia and Ann Davis adjust their equipment before marching with the rest of the service organizations at the Memorial Amphitheater, Arlington National Cemetery.


BannerGuardInCrowd_1924.JPG (68655 bytes)

Service organizations march with their colors.


CheneySpeaks_1927.JPG (29735 bytes)

Vice President Cheney speaks.


SpeakerGenPace_1943.JPG (48581 bytes)

Gen, Peter Pace, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and several distinguished speakers addresse the crowd at the Vietnam Wall.


GenBarryMcCaffrey_1939.JPG (28540 bytes)

Gen. Barry R. McCaffrey, USA (Ret.)


SpeakerMan1_1928.JPG (28515 bytes)

Brig. Gen. Peter M. Dawkins, USA (Ret.)


SpeakerMan2_1935.JPG (26115 bytes)

Jan C Scruggs Pres. Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund.


SpeakerWoman_1932.JPG (26512 bytes)

Brig. Gen. Evelyn "Pat" Foote, USA (Ret.)


Breakfast_1878.JPG (31992 bytes)

Judith and Jack Young, Ann Davis, Betty Pulliam, Ann Wolcott PNP, and Terry Davis enjoy breakfast at the National Vietnam and Gulf War Veterans Coalition 22nd Annual Leadership Breakfast.


VietnamWall_1945.JPG (56313 bytes)

Organizations prepare to lay wreathes at the Vietnam Wall.


TerryDavis_EmogeneCupp_1952.JPG (40334 bytes)

Terry Davis and Emogene Cupp place yellow roses at the panels where their son's names are engraved.


WashingtonMonument_1897.JPG (17430 bytes)

AGSM's posing with the Washington Monument behind.


WreathLayingCeremonyAtWall_MarineGroup_3499.jpg (69614 bytes)

Some members of the 2nd BN, 9th Marines, "Hell in A Helmet" pose with Gen Hagee.


JudithYoungAndEscort_1916.JPG (17356 bytes)

Judith Young, NP being escorted to her seat at A Choral Evensong at The Church of the Epiphany, Washington, DC.

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