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2008 Memorial Day

We visited the WWII Memorial this year and took our always exciting motorcycle ride with Rolling Thunder from the Pentagon to the Vietnam Wall.

Some images of the WWII Memorial. Several of the moms pose by their state monument.


Freedom Wall, on the west side of the WWII Memorial, contains 4000 stars, each representing 100 Americans who died in the war.

The Lincoln Memorial.


A visit to the Vietnam Wall to remember an earlier war.


Some of the moms recognize John Amos (yes, that John Amos) in the crowd.


The moms at headquarters.


The moms get silly.


Some of the moms sign up for the ride of their lives with Rolling Thunder. They've got a lot of 'splaining' to do when they get home. To see how big this crowd really is click here.


No age limit.


I wonder how long the cigar lasts at 60 mph.

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Memorial Day